The Ocean is Broken

ABC Radio Interview Link 20-11-13; Ivan speaks to Jill Emberson


Pacific Debris - Funelweb Sailing

Pacific Debris – Funelweb Sailing


When the Journey Ends … and Where The New Funnelweb Journey Begins

In the past few days Ivan has been overwhelmed with responses to his Media Interviews initially in the Newcastle Herald and The Guardian He is very aware of the messages of support being sent to him from everyone and will answer them as he can.

The huge public response to the stories Ivan has brought back with him about the heartbreaking degradation he observed in the Pacific Ocean is inspiring. Mostly messages with offers of help from people who share his deep concern for the Worlds Oceans.

Rope Debris - Funnelweb Sailing Team- Pacific Crossing 2013

Rope Debris – Funnelweb Sailing Team- Pacific Crossing 2013

Do a Google search for “The Ocean is Broken” and you will see it has gone to a global scale in just three days. We are being contacted by a lot of people, publishers, radio stations, TV stations all needing some of his time.



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